Downsizing and Organizing

You have lived in your home for 10, 20, 30 or more years.  Are you overwhelmed by a lifetime of "stuff"?  Why wait until you are unable to actively participate in this process.

Total Transitions, LLC will guide you through a structured decision process to sort through your possessions in an objective and respectful manner.  We can help you identify what to let go of and arrange for sale, consignment, donation or disposal (recycle and hazardous waste).  We will help you sort, organize and file sensitive documents per professional guidelines. We provide creative ways to display memorabilia in minimal space. We will arrange packing and shipping of family heirlooms to family members.  Use our extensive knowledge of resources to maximize resale value of personal property and minimize disposal costs. 

We encourage you to start this process while you are healthy and can determine the path of your lifetime treasures.