Leaving the home you have lived in for years to move into a smaller space is a difficult and complex transition.

Senior Move Management

The process of moving or downsizing can be stressing
and overwhelming for seniors and their family. Sorting through a lifetime of memories and possessions can be mentally and physically exhausting. The organization and physical tasks associated with a life transition are complex
and often daunting.  Family members may be unable to help with the process due to distance, careers and other family obligations.

Total Transitions, LLC specializes in helping older adults and their families with services needed to organize,
downsize and relocate to a smaller home or other living setting.



We will meet with you and your family members to discuss your individual project needs, then develop a customized Action Plan and provide structure, resources, solutions, emotional support and hands-on help. We oversee your move from beginning to end. Our expertise will reduce the stress, workload, decision-making and expense of your relocation.