Congratulations on your foresight to create Total Transitions, LLC.  You came along at just the right time for us.  That our move was not disastrous with hurried last minute decisions, that must keep track of items and documents were always accessible, that it was possible to find personal items, food to eat and move safely through the new home is a tribute to you and the services you provide.


In some areas such as books, phonograph records, business and family papers from every decade, old photographs and clothing: a lot of work was needed.  We wanted to avoid moving what no longer mattered to us.  You found ways to work through all of this mess even when Bob was in a rehab facility.  You made him a participant in the decision making process by your willingness to take things back and forth from the house to him.  We appreciated the ways in which you helped us dispose of unwanted things--taking them to charities of our choice, selling them on Craigslist, packing up and shipping to family and friends, runs to the landfill and recycling locations.


You also helped by contacting and sitting in on the interviews with the movers.


Kathy's expertise as an Occupational Therapist has been a help in setting things up in the new house for the convenience of Bob.


You maintain an understanding approach, arrive promptly, offer an open billing procedure, and find ways to work through jobs that seem "impossible."  You may count on us for good reports on the work you have done for us.


Kate D.


What our clients are saying about us...

We used this amazing team for 3 family downsizing moves.

We had a small, medium and very large transition.  In all three cases they were timely, thorough, efficient and I cannot say enough about their sensitivity to my elderly family members feelings.  Moving seniors can be very stressful and they really did a fabulous job in each case.

Dana G.

Without Total Transitions' help, our move could not have happened within the three week time period we were allowed.  They made a plan, measured the rooms in the new house, and help dispose of the excess items.  We were unpacked within 24 hours and everything was mapped out and re-created as much as possible to our former house.  They take ALL the stress out of downsizing and moving!  We would recommend them any day.

Laura & Larry M.

You're Moving!

I know some people that can lighten the burden of packing all that stuff you can't bear to part with.  I had been in my home for 32 years and had to down-size by half.

Kathy and Jeannine have formed a small company to help you through your move.  ...they are fast, thorough, and gentle with your stuff. 


In short, they are efficient, reliable, careful and fast.  They will consult with you about what should be packed when you can't be home.  And they are super packers.  Nothing of mine was broken or even chipped.

I was ill during much of the time they were working and it was good to know they were reliable honest people.  You won't be sorry if you hire them.  I know they are efficient and quiet too.

Lucy C.

My sisters and I want to thank you for the outstanding assistance you provided with moving our mother out of her home into The Atrium.  Especially since it was all happening in an extremely short timeframe.

Since I live abroad (having extended my Christmas holiday visit), have another sister on the east coast and two sisters living locally but working, this transition was potentially overwhelming.  You provided comprehensive support.  Your joint and complementary skills--Kathy with safety issues and Jeannine with her fantastic organizational skills--covered all areas of our concerns.  We could rest easy, doing what each of us could do, knowing that our mom and her move were in good hands.  You made an extremely stressful time for all involved into an "I can't believe we actually did it!" experience.

Plus, your ongoing assistance as small issues continue to arise, and knowing that our mom will have excellent assistance when it comes time to let go of her house, continues to reassure us.

Overall, you have provided us an excellent service, worth every penny and more.  Aside from your expertise, you are efficient, trustworthy, reliable and patient!  You are both great listeners.  (Jeannine, it helped to know that you can work and listen at the same time.  And that you understand the importance of listening to the many "stories" involved in letting go.)  You were able to manage anxieties, fears, and potential conflicts as they arose, providing assurance and peace of mind to us all, including Mom.  You have been dependable and thorough.  We could never have done it without you.

We wish you both the very best for your future.  And my special thanks to Stacy at The Atrium for recommending you.  You have our highest recommendation.

Nancy H.